What our clients are saying:

Our accountant suggested Score. We gave them a debt we gave up on and they got it straight away. Over a year later and we can highly recommend them...

Kylie Cooper, S&K Photography

Of note are Scores prompt responses and approach to the recovery of the debt. We have had a 100% successful outcome over the past 6 years...

Ola Sunmola, Acos Personnel

We wanted to avoid expensive legal fees and from day one we saw results. Score have recovered all the debt outstanding and kept in touch throughout the process...

Gordon Johnson, Rydon Group Holdings

We started using Score 3 months ago after using another collection company for many years with minimal recovery. Couldn�t be happier, we are now getting results, our bad debts are down...

Georgie Blennerhassett, Consider This Training

After sending our debts to Score they have achieved an awesome 100% success rate. I would not hesitate to recommend Score Debt Management to anyone...

Tracey Foster, Yianni FineFood

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Debt Collection

We make Debt Collection Fees simple and easy for you and your debt recovery needs!


Our debt collection services are competitive and tailored to each client’s needs, so we welcome all types of debts.


As you may have already experienced, navigating the debt collection and fees as a small to medium business owner is challenging. But that is why we established Score Debt Management, with one focus in mind:

To make debt recovery services simple and cost effective for small to medium business owners like you!

Tailored to your budgeting needs, the prices we provide are highly competitive - even for small users! Most of our competitors will not accept clients with small needs or will charge you exorbitant fees, particularly through commissions

See below are simple debt collections fees and rates, choose what works for your needs:

Rate indicators are based on a successful debt recovery. Volume discounts may apply if Rate B is selected.

Rate indicators are based on a successful debt recovery

RATE A $35.00 per debtor All debts Commission 16%
Rate indicator Best rate for debts up to $1,000.00 Minimum commission per payment $15.00
RATE B $65.00 per debtor Debts up to $14,999.99 Commission 13%
Debts over $15,000.00 Commission 10%
Rate indicator Best rate for debts over $1,000.00 Minimum Commission per payment $10.00
  • If you have a regular need, then complete our form at order our proposal and we will email you with even more competitive prices relevant to your needs.
  • To view our full proposal and prices for an isolated matter, then you can print our proposal right now

Feel free to call us on 1300 729 809 now to discuss the specific merits and cost of your particular debt. We will provide you with our tailored assessment of the likelihood of a successful debt collection at no cost.


RATE B volume discount - applied to all of your debt placements now & in the future

  • 3 to 5 debts placed with the initial placement = $50.00 per debtor
  • 6 or more debtors placed with the initial placement = $35.00 per debtor

Please note: Debts over $500.00 and cannot include bankrupts, company insolvencies, disputes or non-trading companies. The debtor’s location must be known.


Legal discount

Score Debt Management will subsidise 20% of the solicitor’s costs on the issue of undefended legal proceedings from the Magistrates Court of Victoria.

To discuss your specific debt recovery situation, call us on 1300 729 809 to obtain a FREE tailored assessment of your particular circumstances.

To obtain our detailed fees, terms and conditions or have a debt collected, please print our debt collection proposal form or join us online today.


With our reasonable debt recovery fees, we ensure you get what you pay for!

Score Debt Management charges a small up-front fee BUT generally lower commission rates than the majority of our competitors, if not all of them. By investing in your debt collection in this fashion you are guaranteed that both time and effort will be put into the recovery of your debt.

AND, if you have correct documentation you can recoup our fees from the debtor.

There is a very old and well known saying – “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!” – debt recovery services are no exception!

Don’t be fooled by collection agencies that offer “No collection – No Fee” services, consider these questions for example:

  • Will they commit time and effort to the difficult matters, or just the easier ones?
  • Will they only send a couple of demands rather than make a concerted effort?
  • Will they invest their money in doing searches that may be needed to fully assess collection?
  • Will they spend any time or money in finding debtors that have absconded?

At Score Debt Management, we go above and beyond to deliver you a personalised service and affordable debt collection agency fees.

For all enquiries, please contact us today.