What our clients are saying:

Our accountant suggested Score. We gave them a debt we gave up on and they got it straight away. Over a year later and we can highly recommend them...

Kylie Cooper, S&K Photography

Of note are Scores prompt responses and approach to the recovery of the debt. We have had a 100% successful outcome over the past 6 years...

Ola Sunmola, Acos Personnel

We wanted to avoid expensive legal fees and from day one we saw results. Score have recovered all the debt outstanding and kept in touch throughout the process...

Gordon Johnson, Rydon Group Holdings

We started using Score 3 months ago after using another collection company for many years with minimal recovery. Couldn�t be happier, we are now getting results, our bad debts are down...

Georgie Blennerhassett, Consider This Training

After sending our debts to Score they have achieved an awesome 100% success rate. I would not hesitate to recommend Score Debt Management to anyone...

Tracey Foster, Yianni FineFood

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Debt Collection

Financial Debt Services

Debt Collection Victoria

Scores' Debt Recovery Service is available throughout Victoria. All pre-legal and post-legal debt collection activity is undertaken from Melbourne, Victoria.

Score has appointed a team of specialist lawyers and field agents in every state & region who takes their instruction from us on your behalf so we retain control of your files at all times.

Score has two debt recovery processes available:

  1. The FN Facility is our normal debt collection facility that commences with the issue of a final notice.
  2. The RL facility is designed to assist our clients in retaining the debtor as an on-going client. It utilises 1 or 2 non-threatening reminder letters before the final notice.

Score clients can have secure internet access to your files via Web-Collect. You can view and note your files and much more! Click to find out more details about Internet Access to your debt recovery files.

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Legal Services

Score provides a legal service that is similar to that of a solicitor but that also provides pre-legal demand capabilities and debtor location services if a debtor has absconded.

We can act as a mediator for the purposes of resolving a dispute. The alternative action can get your debt paid without the expensive costs of going to court!

We can take legal action anywhere in Australia with your authorisation. Our team initiate the legal proceedings and execute the judgement afterwards. We are thorough in our approach and bring the full ramification of the non-payment to bear against the debtor.

Why use Score and not a solicitor? Click here for the answer.

Process Serving

Score can handle the service of legal documents Australia wide.

We provide simple, practical and effective advice and documentation that help individuals and businesses collect payment for their debts. Our team is trained in all manners of debt collection and pro-forma debt collection procedures. We provide the following:

  • Preparation of demand letters to debtors
  • Advice for credit procedures and debt recovery
  • Preparation of statutory demands and affidavits
  • Negotiating and drafting settlement agreements
  • Deeds of acknowledgement of debt and undertaking to repay


Credit Consultancy

Let Score evaluate your own credit acceptance and collection processes. Some Credit Tips are available for you on this site already so please take the time to have a look - they could save you money! A full analysis of your processes is available. Correct acceptance & collection procedures WILL minimise bad debt.

Some of our unique benefits of our services include:

  • We can issue legal action anywhere in Australia
  • Speedy legal process - we work as hard and as fast as we can to speed up the delivery process
  • Our directors have over 55 years of experience as debt collectors
  • We pride ourselves in endeavouring to be one of the most cost-effective debt collection agencies in Australia
  • You have 24/7 online access to track the progress of your accounts
  • We cater for single and low volume debts